To: General Manager
From: David Graupner
Re: Free Jingles
Date: September 2003

Would you give away a free ad schedule to prove that advertising on your station(s) really works? Probably not.

But Iím so confident that our commercial jingles can make you more money that Iíll give you a jingle absolutely free!

Just take a second to read the letters from WQLK and their client Studebaker Buick and youíll understand why I feel this way. We get letters like this every day from happy stations and clients.

With, all of your salespeople can have free, instant, no-obligation access to hundreds of world-class jingles. They can even download versions for free to use in spec spot presentations. With JingleBank, you donít pay a dime until youíve already sold the client!

Until the end of September, Iíll give you a free generic jingle from just for getting online and registering. And if youíd prefer to have a custom jingle instead, Iíll give you $500 off the price!

Thereís no catch and only two rules: Only one free jingle per owner, per market, and the offer is only valid through September 30, 2003. And yes, this offer is also available to our thousands of existing JingleBank customers as our way of saying "thanks for your business and your trust."

To find out more, just log-on to and click on "Sign Up" in the top nav bar. It takes only a few seconds to register. And remember, you, your managers, and all of your salespeople can register for free.

And lastly, although "free" wonít last forever, I think youíll find our standard rates very competitive. Plus, all our jingles are 100% GUARANTEED. Your clients will love our work, or weíll refund 100% of your investment.

Donít just take my word for itÖlog-on, sign-up and try for free today!